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Why mosaic: shaping disability services?

In 2000 we held a competition to find a new name for the Guild of Disabled People. From 227 entries, the voting members chose mosaic: shaping disability services. mosaic illustrates the fact that the organisation is made up of many different features, different services and different people. In a mosaic each piece is different but put a lot of pieces together and they make a picture (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts). That’s how we see mosaic. ‘shaping disability services’ we believe describes how we work – we don’t provide static services but are part of the creation of new services, designed by disabled people.

www.mosaic1898.co.uk is our website. 1898 is the year we were founded.

While mosaic: shaping disability services is our full name we often shorten it to ‘mosaic’. We believe it is better to use our full name as much as possible so everyone knows who we are and what we do.

Latest News:

There are big changes being proposed by Leicester City Council that will affect the some of read more about this

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There is nothing scheduled at the moment.

Focus on: Journey to Employment (J2E)

We are pleased to announce that:
mosaic: shaping disability services has been successful in read more about this

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It has made me feel there are people out there to listen and are willing to help.