*ability@work* is mosaic’s new Employment service.

ability@work offers a wider range of services, including:
• Job seekers service for disabled people seeking work – referrals via JobCentre Plus
• In-work support for disabled people (Job Coaching, mentoring, disability awareness)
• Supported Internship programme for disabled students
• Employer services – Disability Awareness training, Access audits, Retention service, Job Coaching and other support
• Other bespoke services – E.g. self-employment advice, CV writing, etc.

This service operates from our outreach venue at Voluntary Action LeicesterShire, 9 Newarke Street, Leicester, LE1 5SN.

Should you or anyone you know be interested in this service, please contact Steve Jepson:

Telephone: 07970 359 203

Email: ces@mosaic1898.co.uk


We are currently providing the following Advocacy services:

- We offer Advocacy to people with Learning Disabilities in the City. This includes both the provision of Care Act and Generic Independent Advocacy.

- We offer a non-instructed Advocacy Service to disabled children who mainly use residential care for respite; this is a contract funded by the Children’s Rights Service in the County.

- We are working with Maplewell Hall School to provide a service to help young people develop Self Advocacy skills.

- We are also able to offer a one to one advocacy service to disabled people funded by other local authorities on a spot purchase basis

For more information or to make a referral, please contact the Advocacy Co-ordinator on 0116 2318720 or 07545 208 034.

Bungalows at Overstrand

Two fully furnished, spacious bungalows set in the grounds of Overstrand Hall near Cromer, Norfolk, available all year round to hire on a self catering basis.

The bungalows provide a holiday, or respite, in a totally accessible environment.

Bungalow One is now called The Fairway, Bungalow Two is called The Links. The Links has a ceiling track hoist and an electric bed. They both cater for between 4 and 6 people but are the same price no matter how many people are staying. Booking for the new season starts in december – when the date is set we will post it on the website. Bookings are always taken on a first come first served basis. During high season bookings are only taken for one week at a time. At other times you can book for a fortnight. For further information or to make a booking, please contact the Cre8ing Opportunities Administrative Assistant on 0116 2318720.

Overstrand Bungalow

Please download our brochure for more information (Please note that this is a large file and may take a while to download)

ColtonCare Support Services@mosaic

ColtonCare Support Services@mosaic has four different areas in which it can support you…

Need temporary or permanent Care Staff to support you in your own home and out in the community. ColtonCare is a domiciliary care agency, which offers personalised support to meet a customer’s needs. ColtonCare offers temporary or permanent experienced staff who are all subject to a rigorous vetting procedure including an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. The areas we can support people with are:

  • Personal Care
  • Support with Medication
  • Shopping Service
  • Domestic Service
  • Sitting Service
  • Live-in Carers
  • Dog Walking
  • Community Activities
  • Health needs
  • Leisure and Social Opportuntites
  • Support in Education and Work
  • Travel Training
  • ….and much more

ColtonCare is registered with the Care Quality Commission. If you want to see the latest report produced by the Care Quality Commission then you can view it on the CQC website.

ColtonCare Support Services
Are you disabled and eligible for care support? ColtonCare Support Service has 3 sites where disabled people can live independently with the support of on-site staff and a 24 hour emergency fob system.

The three housing developments are:
◾Harrison Court, Packwood Road, Stocking Farm, Leicester
◾Pelham Way, Welford Road, Leicester
◾Ashthorpe Road, Braunstone, Leicester

Harrison Court and Pelham Way provides support workers who are on site 15.5 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. At night the on-site call system is transferred to Chubb Call Centre in case of emergencies. Ashthorpe Road provides support workers who are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. There is a “sleep in” support worker on duty at night.

The support workers provide personal care and domestic assistance as part of a defined care plan and will respond to emergency situations.

Disabled people within the project are tenants in their own right.

Waterloo Housing own the developments at Harrison Court and Pelham Way. The development at Ashthorpe Road is owned by Places for People.

ColtonCare Support Services is funded by Leicester City Council Adults and Communities Department.

This means that people covered by the twenty-four hour Support Service have to have their care needs assessed by a Leicester City Council social worker.

The main benefits of ColtonCare Support Services are:
◾Having a Support Worker on duty or a call system in place on site, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year
◾Having someone to call in an emergency who will know what to do and who to contact
◾Having regular support built into a Care Plan
◾Someone to advocate for you if that is what you want
◾Support with ‘minor’ emergencies e.g. if a light bulb goes, a support worker will be there within minutes to replace it
◾Regular meetings between tenants and mosaic to discuss the support services provided.

Contact ColtonCare Support Services on 0116 2318720 to find out if we have any vacancies.

Carers Respite
Are you a carer? Do you know a carer who needs some respite? We are on the Framework for Carer’s Respite in the County. We my be able to help you!

Floating Support
We are on the Framework for ILS funding (Floating Support Service). If you require domestic support we can help!

ColtonCare Support Services@mosaic is part of our service development which is looking at working with the Government’s “Personalisation Agenda.” Traditionally, disabled people have had no choice about who provides their care. The Personalisation Agenda is about disabled people having choice and control over the services they use; ColtonCare Support Services@mosaic is delivering a flexible service which is tailor-made to suit each individual customer.

ColtonCare Support Services@mosaic offers customers the opportunity to negotiate and buy a flexible package of support using Direct Payments, Individual Budgets and Access to Work monies.

If you are interested in any of the services ColtonCare Support Service@mosaic provides or you would like some more information please contact us on 0116 2318720. Alternatively, you can e-mail ColtonCare Support Services team members at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Do you know why we call it ColtonCare Support Services?

Colton Street was the road on which the Guild Hall (our original home) was built. We wanted to “preserve” some of our history.

If you want to personalise your care needs contact Charlotte Henderson on 07792 702299 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We can offer temporary or permanent staff to help you.

Counselling @ mosaic

mosaic offers a free, professional counselling where counsellors are supervised by a trained supervisor.

Counselling @ mosaic developed from the Antenna Service which was founded in 1995 as a result of the hard work of Wendy Bonser and the Leicestershire Disabled Support group (which has now disbanded).

The key features about Counselling @ mosaic are:

  • It is free
  • It operates on a first come first served basis
  • It can take place in someone’s own home rather than having to go to an office – although you can choose wherever you want to receive counselling.
  • It is not time limited
  • It is carried out by trained volunteers
  • It is open to all disabled people over the age of 18 years but not to non-disabled people or carers, paid or unpaid, unless they are a disabled person themselves

If you want counselling from mosaic all you have to do is to ring us up and tell us (or you can get someone to do it on your behalf).. We will send someone out to your home to talk to you about the service (and our other services). We will ask you why you want counselling and what you want from it. This is what could be called an ‘assessment’.

If after this you still want to receive counselling @ mosaic then your name will be put on our waiting list. People are only put on the waiting list if they themselves want to receive counselling no matter how much someone else thinks it is a good idea. It is always difficult to say how long you will have to wait because it depends on how quickly other people finish their counselling.

If you want more information or to request counselling contact Michael Brittain on 0116 2318720.

Cre8ing Opportunities

Cre8ing Opportunities is a service which brings together a number of different elements, including adults activity groups across the City and County, the Children’s Short Breaks Service and other services such as: accessible Sailing, Sunbeam, bungalows and the volunteer service.

The purpose of Cre8ing Opportunities is to look at new and imaginative Services that people can “buy” with Direct Payments or Personal Budgets. Cre8ing Opportunities encourages staff and customers to “think outside the Box”.

The different groups that Cre8ing Opportunities run are:

Amity @ the Parish Church of Christ the King at Beaumont Leys from 9.30am-2.30pm. We provide a customer-led service, which empowers and encourages customers to come up with new ideas, alternatives and share experiences with one another. Amity is a great way to try activities, such as shopping, exercise and music, plus an opportunity to make friends!

Maverick @ Ibstock – The Palace Community Centre – in the County where disabled people over 30, carry out lots of activities like cooking, playing games, arts and crafts, and days out. Maverick runs from 10am-3.00pm.

9teen @ mosaic — A group for people who require one to one support, aimed at providing stimulating activities, using hand over hand techniques, intensive interaction, and sensory activities and also providing a higher level of support such as medication, hoisting to the mat/standing frame etc. 9teen runs from 10am-3pm.

Activ8 @ Aylestone Leisure Centre – A health and wellbeing group that is for mixed ages and abilities, promoting healthy eating and exercise such as Boxercise, sports, zumba etc. From 10am-3pm. Own transport must be arranged.

Intergr8 @ Beaumont Leys Library – A very independent group based around the Beaumont Leys Leisure Centre, accessing the facilities at the centre and in the local community. The group runs from 10am-3/4pm every Monday.

In-Sync @ Aylestone Leisure Centre – An active group doing Zumba and swimming, 10am-3pm.

Carte Blanche @ the Tudor Centre – from 9.30am-2.30pm. The group at the Tudor Centre is a great way to come and meet new friends, carry out a range of different activities, and trips out such as shopping in town, or lunch out.

Sapphire @ Enderby – Brockington Community College where disabled people aged over 30, meet and carry out a number of activities and days out. Sapphire runs from 10am-3.00pm.

Inspire @ East West Community Centre Ltd. – A group of individuals with diverse needs, doing things such as outdoor pursuits, dance, cooking, arts and crafts etc. 10am-3pm.

Imagine @ mosaic — a small group doing activities of the group member’s choice, also providing higher levels of support for individuals, such as hand over hand activities, assisting with eating, medication, etc. Price dependent on level of support required. 10am-3pm.

Embrace @ West End neighbourhood Centre — a group aimed at promoting independence, out and about in the community and accessing a range of activities and opportunities. Must organise own transport. 10am-3pm.

Phoenix @ The Wolsey Building – a group of men of various ages, Gujarati and English languages. The group members meet at The Wolsey Building from 10am until 4pm. Activities are planned 6 weeks in advance and these activities consist of different sports games, arts and crafts, use of a computer suite, cinema, trips to temples and various places of interest around Leicester. The facilities we have access to are a kitchen area with microwave and kettle and a garden area.

Motiv8 @ Aylestone Leisure Centre – An active group taking part in a range of activities in the morning and swimming in the afternoon,10am-3pm.

Hamara @ West End Neighbourhood Centre – a group in the City from 9.30am-2.30pm. A group which meets every week, carrying out lots of different activities for disabled people aged 30-upwards. Being in town gives is lots of opportunity to easily use all the facilities in the City Centre. We are rarely in!!

Infusion @ Christ the King Church — a small group of people based out in the community or at mosaic doing activities of the group’s choice. Price dependent on level of support required, 10am-3pm.

Unity @ mosaic — a group of people with higher support needs, of mixed ages, doing activities of the group’s choice including, arts and crafts, cooking, exercise, mat activities etc. Price dependent on level of support required, 10am-3pm.

Sens8 @ mosaic/East West Community Centre Ltd. — A group of people with high support needs, aimed at providing stimulating activities, using hand over hand techniques, intensive interaction, and sensory activities and also providing a higher level of support such as medication, hoisting to the mat/standing frame etc. Price on enquiry. 10am-3pm.

Present 10se @ Christ the King Church at Beaumont Leys– a group of individuals with diverse needs, doing things such as sports, cooking, accessing the city centre, arts and crafts etc. 10am-3pm.

Visualize @ West End Neighbourhood Centre – A higher needs group doing a range of sensory activities and sports, 10am-3pm.

Liberty @ mosaic – A smaller group based at mosaic for individuals with higher levels of care needs. Doing a range of activities. 10am-3pm.

Pizzazz @ Aylestone Leisure Centre — A group of individuals with a diverse range of needs, doing a mix of activities, including games, sports, arts and crafts and swimming. Price depends on support required. 10am-3pm.

Connect @ St Peters Community Centre, Loughborough – The group plans together activities they would like to do, such as exercise, arts and crafts, cooking, and outings to the garden centre, parks, or on the Sunbeam boat etc. The group runs from 10am-3pm. Own transport must be arranged.

Montage @ West End Neighbourhood Centre – A group of individuals with varying needs the group decide what activities they wish to do like crafts, cooking, music, sports, lunch club and outings. 10am-3pm.

Diversity – A community based group meeting in town and accessing a disco in the afternoon. 10am-3pm.

Harmonize @ mosaic – A smaller group based at mosaic for individuals with higher levels of care needs. Doing a range of activities. 10am-3pm.

Weekends and Flexible options
Socialize – A variety of evening and weekend activities. A planner is drawn up and if your name is on the mailing list you just sign up for what you want to do. We go out for meals, go shopping, bowling, go to a disco, have BBQ’s, go to the cinema, whatever people suggest. Costs depend on activities and support required.

Creative Craft Circle and the Pukaar groups – These are very independent Asian women’s group, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. To make a referral to these groups, we could put you in touch with the group leader – call mosaic on 0116 2318720

Children’s Short Breaks – At mosaic: shaping disability service – Fully accessible venue with changing places for personal care needs and kitchen facilities available. Activities will be things such as: photography, pottery, painting, cookery, paper mache, plasma screen and Xbox, table games, boxercise, indoor gardening etc. This service is not provided all year round – so please contact us for further details.

All prices vary dependent on level of support required, following an individual assessment by Social Services and a mosaic home visit.

To make a referral to the Cre8ing Opportunities service or to find out more please call the Customer Care Facilitator on 0116 2318720 or 07912 480 958, or you can email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We are always looking for volunteers to work with us to support customers, in swimming or other activities. If you are interested in volunteering in Cre8ing Opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Outreach Worker on 0116 231 8720.

Direct Payments Support Service

mosaic is on the Framework Agreement for provision of Direct Payments Support Service in Leicester City.  We are contracted to provide Employment Support, Payroll Service and Managed Accounts to customers in Leicester City.  We also provide similar services to customers in Leicestershire, Rutland, Nottingham City (please see SDSS below). Plus Support Planning and Personal Health Budget Services for NHS.

For more details about our service and costings contact the Senior Direct Payments Advisor on 0116 2318720 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks

mosaic acts as an “Umbrella Body” to carry out Disclosure and Barring Service Checks for other organisations.

The process is simple. You provide us with the information we need:

  • full Name
  • all previous names
  • date of birth
  • national insurance number
  • place of birth
  • driving licence number
  • passport number
  • current address (5 years worth of addresses)

We provide the forms. The Disclosure and Barring Service charge £56 for an enhanced DBS check and mosaic charges £12. DBS makes no charge for volunteers so the charge is £12 (i.e. just our administrative charge).

mosaic specialises in working with disabled people who are employees using direct payments or with small voluntary organisations, although we do work with larger national organisations.

For more information about mosaic’s service contact Reception on 0116 2318720 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). To book an appointment for a DBS check call Reception on 0116 2318720. We can invoice organisations for payment or receive cash/cheque payments on the day (Please note that we do not have the facility for card payments).

Information Service

Aims to provide up to date information and advice on any topics relating to disability. Also does home visits to complete benefit claim forms, gives talks to groups, provides fact sheets and has a Helpline operational during office hours.

Information Service & Helpline 0116 2314425 (Calls charged at local rates)

Helpline times: Monday to Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm. Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm

mosaic’s Information Service aims to help you by giving you access to information which is accurate, relevant and up-to-date, and which is presented in the form you need it.

Who is the service for?

The Information Service is aimed at:

  • Disabled people
  • Carers and family members
  • Anyone working with disabled people
  • Anyone with an interest in disability issues

h3. What areas do we cover?

We aim to provide information on any topics relating to disability, including:

  • Access
  • Benefits
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Independent Living
  • Leisure and Travel
  • Transport and mobility
  • Social Care Provision

If we do not have what you are looking for we promise we will do our utmost to find it!

h3. What services do we offer?

The Information Service includes:

  • A direct Helpline for advice and information (formerly the DIAL Leicestershire help line)
  • Benefits advice including help with forms and appeals
  • Outreach workers who can visit you in your home
  • Support to help you access the service you need
  • Advocacy service
  • Speakers of Hindu, Urdu, Punjabi and Gujarati (Call Gujarati Helpline on 07590982657)
  • Information Factsheets and Leaflets
  • Tribunal Support if your benefit application has been turned down
  • Information and Advice on Personal Health Budgets

All our printed material is available in large print, or via email.

To contact mosaic’s Information Service ring 0116 231 4425 or e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Personal Health Budgets

mosaic has been appointed by NHS England to provide information and advice about Personal Health Budget’s in the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland area. As part of our role, as defined by NHS England, we are notifying you of our involvement in this new way of delivering people’s
healthcare needs.

What are Personal Health budgets?

Personal Health Budgets are a similar concept to Direct Payments. The difference is this is for people with Health related needs and the funding comes from the NHS. Whereas direct payments are for people with social care needs and is funded via local authorities.

The aim is to allow those with the identified health care needs the ability to employ their own personal assistants to enable them to successfully receive care within their own homes, rather than in a hospital setting. For people with complex and the highest needs it allows better outcomes by being in a more familiar environment around family and friends. From the NHS point of view, it will create a more cost effective way of providing the service that they do, free up hospital space and achieve better personalised outcomes for even those with the most complex health needs.

From April 2014 anyone who has a package of care through NHS Continuing Healthcare at 100% (includes children) has had the right to ask for a personal health budget.

From October 1st 2014 this turns into the right to have one!

We are looking for people to talk to who may already have been approached about receiving a personal health budget and are contemplating it. In fact just as with direct payments, Mosaic is in a position to provide information, advice, advocacy and support to anyone currently on continuing health care who are thinking of asking for a personal health budget.

Therefore if you are interested in knowing more about Personal Health Budgets or if you know of anyone who is getting 100% Continuing Healthcare and want independent advice and information or advocacy regarding Personal Health Budgets then please contact Rehaan Adam or Dorcas Mukarati on our Helpline 0116 2314425 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

mosaic’s factsheets

mosaic’s Information Service produces and updates a series of fact sheets on a variety of subjects which are of interest to disabled people.

If you want a Factsheet you can ask for a paper version or it can be emailed to you.

For more information please ring 0116 2318720 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

All our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL

And what about our newsletter?

mosaic news is a 20 page newsletter which is published four times a year. The newsletter tries to offer information that is of interest to disabled people. We encourage disabled people to write articles and letters for mosaic news. The mosaic news has articles about what is happening in mosaic but also articles that are more generally of interest to disabled people. If you want to receive a newsletter just ring and ask for your name to be put on our mailing list.

The Newsletter is FREE but donations are always welcome. If you would like to donate, you can now do so online as mosaic has been fortunate enough to register with Charity Choice Online Donation Service. It couldn’t be easier to make a donation from your own home. This is what to do:

  • Click here to go to the Charity Choice website
  • Click on “donate now”
  • Click on the left “Charity Choice Directory Online”
  • For a quick keyword search type in “mosaic”
  • mosaic: shaping disability services will appear.
  • Click on Donate Now and make your generous donation.

Please don’t forget to tick the box if you are a tax payer, for mosaic to reclaim tax on your donation.

A wide range of Information guides and factsheets are also available from Age UK which can be accessed here


PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing

If you run an organisation or business or are an employer in your own home using Direct Payments or Personal Budgets, you know that Health and Safety law means that you have to have your electrical applicances tested on a regular basis to ensure they are safe. This includes kettles, computers, hoists etc

mosaic can now offer this service. The cost is £1.00 (+ VAT) per item plus mileage. For further details contact Glen Merriman on 0116 2318720 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


mosaic’s Sailability project aims to give disabled people the opportunity to sail a dinghy or learn how to sail a dinghy. Sailability operates from April to October.

At present mosaic has five 303 Access sailing dinghies, four with twin seats, one of which has a servo assisted unit to help with steering. Our other 303 Access dinghy is a single seater. The dinghies are for use by people with disabilities who would not normally have access to a sailing boat. We also have a hoist to enable people with mobility problems to access the dinghies. The project is open to anybody with a disability aged 16 and over and groups associated with people with disabilities. We must state that there is a weight limit for the twin seat dinghies of 90 kilos or approximately 15 stone.

Where do sessions take place?

The boats are based at John Merrick’s Lake, Watermead Country Park, Wanlip. Unfortunately mosaic cannot provide transport, therefore participants will need to provide their own transport to and from the lake.

The Sailability sessions are on a Tuesday afternoon from April to October and are dependant upon weather conditions.

Sailing is based at John Merrick’s Lake, Watermead Country Park, Leicester.

Will there be experts on hand?

Yes. We have several Royal Yacht Association qualified, voluntary sailing instructors who will give one-to-one instruction. Activities are covered by third party insurance.

Is there a cost to me?

There are 2 ways of paying. The first is that you pay a subscription of £45 for the season, (this guarantees your time-slot every week) plus you will be billed £3 for every session you have sailed. The second way of paying is £7 for every session you have sailed, you will be billed at the end of the season. With this second method you will not be guaranteed the same time slot each week. The first method of payment works out cheaper for regular sailors. A free taster session is offered for those people who are unsure about how they will get on, or whether they will enjoy it.

What do I need to bring with me?

Some waterproof clothing is essential: e.g. a cagoule and waterproof leggings. Additional warm clothing and a woolly hat are advisable on cooler days, as it can be cold on the lake. In hot weather, a sun hat and sun cream. There is no food or drinking water at the boat compound, therefore it would be advisable to bring some food and drink with you.

Are there accessible toilet and changing facilities?

There is an accessible portaloo at the sailing base and there are accessible toilets and shower facilities in the park a two minute drive or a five minute walk away, depending on mobility. The changing room is based in the compound and is accessible to wheelchair users, there are no shower facilities at the sailing base.

There is a wheelchair accessible pontoon and a hoist for getting on board the boats. The boats can be sailed single-handed or with an instructor on board.

How do I book a session?

Sessions are on Tuesday afternoons, commencing in April and run until October. You can book sessions from 1 March

A session lasts an hour and includes pre sailing checks and getting on board with the use of the Pontoon and hoist if required.

For more information on dates and a booking form contact the Cre8ing Opportunities Administrative Assistant on 0116 2318720. Alternatively you can e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Self Directed Support Service (SDSS)

With knowledgeable Advisors and Payroll Staff, SDSS is able to support people who use Direct Payments, Personal Budgets, Personal Health Budgets or Access to Work monies, to arrange and manage their care needs. This service has been provided since 2000.

In line with the Personalisation Agenda SDSS offers independent support for disabled people in Leicester, Leicesteshire, Rutland, Wandsworth and Nottingham City, who receive Direct Payments, Personal Budgets, Independent Living Fund or Access to Work monies. We are also able to help self-funders in these areas.

Support available includes:

  • Employer support
  • Employment law
  • Employee recruitment
  • Staff management
  • Health and safety
  • Statutory Payments and Duties
  • Expenditure Budgetting
  • Insurance information
  • Financial monitoring
  • Arranging agency care
  • Third Party Scheme
  • Payroll and PAYE
  • PAT Testing within your own home

In addition we are now able to offer a Provider Managed Account or a Complex Provider Managed Account. This is can be paid for through your Direct Payment or Personal Budget

For more details about our service and costings, please contact the Senior Direct Payments Advisor on 0116 2318720 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Small groups meeting at the weekend doing lots of different activities.

Socialize (formerly Friendship Groups)
Many people would like to be more socially active, at Socialize the group undertakes new experiences/activities and through this customers can build friendships with their peers. Socialize offers a wide range of activities at varying prices from bowling to football, theatre to karaoke. Socialize is open to adults with disabilities (18 years and over). Customers can choose from the planner on a flexible basis the activities they want to attend, sessions usually take place on evenings and weekends.

Support – Staffing is dependent on the size and the needs of the individuals attending the session, to assist with any personal needs or to support individuals during the activities.

Transport – Customers organise their own transport to attend.
Activities – Socialize meets at different venues throughout the City and County. The group of people who attend are encouraged to take part in the organising of the timetable of activities e.g. concerts, restaurants shopping etc. Also with an emphasis on learning new skills, promoting independence and developing confidence.

Costs – The cost of Socialize varies based on the cost of each activity that particular day, the support needs for the individuals attending and the amount of staff needed for each session.

If you receive direct payments this can be used to pay for Socialize and help towards your transport costs and support needs. People who are not already receiving Direct Payments, or need further advice or clarification on the above can contact Cre8ing Opportunities on the number below:

Contact the Customer Care Facilitator on 0116 231 8720 or 07912 480 958 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Sunbeam Narrowboat

Sunbeam is our fully accessible narrowboat used exclusively by disabled people and groups. Sunbeam operates from April to October.

Our qualified Volunteer Skippers and crew members accompany all trips to enable you to enjoy a narrowboat experience. The boat can take up to 12 passengers with a maximum of 4 people who have to travel in a wheelchair. The usual day on Sunbeam starts at 10am with a return by 4pm. A stop on the way for lunch (usually a pub lunch) is an enjoyable part of the trip. There are various trip options from Wanlip where our boat is moored.

The history of Sunbeam

‘Sunbeam’ came into our possession in 1978. She was then lengthened, and an electric lift and ramps were installed to enable disabled people to get aboard. We run day trips from April to October along the river Soar in Leicester, starting and finishing at a pub called the Hope & Anchor. In the 2009 season we celebrated our 40,000th passenger since the project began, in fact during the 2009 season itself, ‘Sunbeam’ went out 117 times carrying approximately 1,714 passengers, the majority of whom were disabled. It is important to know that while mosaic manage the boat it is entirely run by Volunteers who Skipper and Crew ‘Sunbeam’. We have 40 Volunteers who are involved with ‘Sunbeam’ and the time and energy they give is absolutely amazing.

Not only do the Volunteers take people out and give them a fantastic time, they raise money and are also very ‘hands-on’ with the maintenance; they have stripped, tiled, varnished, cleaned, painted and any number of other things. They truly are remarkable!

We take great pride in ‘Sunbeam’ and she gives so much pleasure to so many people with disabilities, but she is nothing without the dedication of our fantastic Volunteers. In these times of difficulties and uncertainty there are wonderful people out there who willingly give one of their most valuable assets – their time, for the benefit of other people. This should really be celebrated.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact the Cre8ing Opportunities Administrative Assistant on 0116 2318720 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Latest News:

Our Time4Change account is still active. If you have any small change (e.g. 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p read more about this

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